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Psychotherapy Saint Louis is owned by its therapist-members, who meet frequently to improve the quality of their work and to build their practices and their organization.

Calendar of Events

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Type of Events

Executive Committee Meetings  All members are cordially invited. This is a good way to get to know how your organization runs and to have a voice in planning up-coming events. Please RSVP.

Business Issues Consultation Group — Do you have a burning question about the business side of your practice and want to bounce it off some colleagues?  Come have a cup of coffee and join the discussion.

Peer Consultation Group for Supervisors — This group is open to all who are supervising others for licensure.

PSTL Clinical Group — This group is to give members an opportunity to discuss a difficult case or clinical issue along with the opportunity to discuss best practices.  This group meets monthly, every third Friday from 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM.

Euthymic Hour  Continuing education and networking for therapists. Topics have included legal issues, art therapy, websites, couples therapy, neurology of mental disorders, working with transgender clients, speed networking, taking a sexual history, experiential therapy and psychodrama, adult attention disorders, ethics, children with learning disabilities, and more

Euthymic (adj) Characterized by good feeling. Joyful. Happy.


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