About Us

About PStL

Psychotherapy Saint Louis (PStL) is the largest multidisciplinary professional organization of psychotherapists in the St. Louis area. Our membership includes licensed professional counselors, licensed clinical social workers, licensed marriage-and-family therapists, licensed psychologists, and licensed psychiatrists.

Our members value the importance of confidentiality and choice in psychotherapy. We serve as a community mental-health resource via our:

  • find-a-therapist service,
  • find-a-speaker directory,
  • pages on this site dedicated to answering questions “About Therapy” and providing “Mental Health Info,” and our
  • free annual print directory, first published in 1999.

We serve the professional community by helping members raise the level of their skills and by promoting their practices via our:

  • practice-building consultation groups,
  • business-of-practice consultation groups,
  • educational programs,
  • social and networking events, and our
  • very active members’ listserv.

If you are a licensed psychotherapist interested in membership and and you support PStL’s values, learn more at our signup page. If you would like more information about PStL, please contact us here.